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Setting up vacation messages

Vybe Networks provides a vacation program. This is enabled through the Control Panel. There are two parts to vacation processing. First, you need to create a vacation message to send back to your correspondents. Do this by going to the Control Panel and selecting User Features. This is in the list at the top left of the white box. Once there click on the "select feature" drop down box and select "Vacation message". You can create the vacation message feature or edit it if you have already created it. Don't forget to save your changes by clicking on "Update Features".

You can create the actual email headers here as well but it requires a specific format. You must make the first line of your message a "From" header, e.g. "From: My Real Name " It is your responsibility to make sure that the headers are correct and that the domain is a legitimate one that is served by Vybe Networks otherwise your emails may not work or be accepted at the destination.

The next step is to activate the vacation program. This is a separate step so that you can keep a permanent vacation message that you can edit as needed and turn it on and off whenever you are away. Under the Control Panel look for the field labeled "Email Forwarding". If it is empty then simply put the word "vacation" in it (without the quotes). If it is not empty (i.e. you are forwarding your mailbox) then add the word vacation to the start of that field followed by a space or a comma. It is important to add this to the start of the field.

To turn off the vacation message simply remove the "vacation" keyword from the Email Forwarding field. There is no need to remove the vacation message from User Features. You can leave that there for the next time that you need it.

The vacation program keeps a database of addresses that it has sent your message to. This is to prevent mail loops between two different users with a vacation reply set up. If you change your vacation message this database will be cleared.


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D'Arcy and the Vybe Networks team, under very tight deadlines and difficult circumstances, provided exceptional advice and support for our project. We are very pleased with the results of their efforts and would recommend Vybe to businesses and individuals seeking professional internet services.

Andrew C.
Toronto, Canada