Optional VCP module

The VCP (Vybe Credit card Payment) module is an addition to VybeBooks to allow credit cards to be charges and managed.

The main part of VCP is a payment server that listens for credit card transaction requests and passes them to a credit card processor. While plugins can be written to deal with any processor, the only active one currently available is for Bambora. This part of VCP is documented elsewhere in an API reference document.

VybeBooks allows management of various tables in the VCP system as well as allowing batches to be sent.


VCP groups are used to control access to the processor. Each group is attached to a client and has the following fields:

  • Active: Uncheck to make this group unavailable

  • Client: Select the client to attach this group to

  • Description: Text to show on listings and drop-downs.

  • Currency: See currency discussion elsewhere.

  • Terminal: A string understood by the processor.

  • IP Address: Fill in to restrict access to this IP.