The transfer function is a shortcut to adjusting client’s outstanding amounts. You can transfer from a client to any client (including itself) from A/R or A/P to A/R or A/P. For example, you might use this to apply the payables from a client to its receivables. You can also transfer a receivable to another company.

Decide which company the money is going to come from. Select “Transfer” from its company page. Select the company to transfer to. You can leave it as the same company if this is a transfer between A/P and A/R.

For each company line select the account, A/P or A/R, that the transfer applies to. Enter the amount to transfer and select “Continue”.


If a company has an outstanding receivable but they also are a vendor with an outstanding payable you can select the same company, enter the receivable amount and check the A/P in the first one and A/P in the second one.

As above except you can use one company’s receivable to cover another company’s payable on the assumption that the companies agree.

You can also use this to pass one company’s credit to another company.