Billing Module

This system keeps track of subscriptions, discovers when it is time to bill each customer, calculates how much a customer is to be billed (for resources used, or for arbitrary services defined by the administrator), and creates and sends invoices. It then makes billing information available to an accounts receivable system.

The billing system can also include various billing related subsystems, such as a live credit card transaction system, or an automated pre-authorized bank withdrawal system. We can also add scripts for specialized billing functions if required.

Service group

Billing is primarily controlled by the service group entity, also known as the billing group. Here is where we define various aspects related to products sold. Most of the fields are self-explanatory. Here are a few that may require more detail.


This field is optional. If it is filled in then it will be included on invoices related to this group.

Account Type

Select the appropriate account type. Account types are defined elsewhere. There is always a “Service base” type for groups that don’t have a specific account type.

Due and period start

These two fields are related. The due date is day/month/year and the period start is month/year. The due day also applies to period start. Due is when this group is due to be billed again for attached services. Period start is for charging for things that have to be billed at the end of the term such as phone minutes, storage, etc.

Disconnect Date

This field is normally blank. If it is filled in with a then services will stop on that date. As well, billing will stop as soon as that field is filled in so do not fill it in before that last billing.


Like client records, ad-hoc notes can be entered for service groups. They will be listed below the edit screen. The system will also add events such as when details in the record are modified.


Multiple commission types can be defined in the system. Simply give it a name and a percentage. If no rate is supplied a system wide default is used.

Account types

Account types describe the products of the system. Here you give a product a name, price and G/L accounts. To create a new account type that is similar to an existing one you can edit the existing one and check the “Make copy” box before submitting. That will create a new one without touching the existing one.


Services may be attached to a service group.